Quinta da Barracuda Apartments
Quinta da Barracuda Apartments
quinta da barracuda

Apartment C12 - 2 bedrooms

Stunning and spacious on the second level in the middle of the block, graced by the crystal blue of the sea ahead.
(Rental License Number: 71001/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Penthouse - 3 bedrooms

360º panoramic views at a height barely touched by any other building in town, the Penthouse is unimpeded and unique.
(Rental License Number: 3157/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment A02

Ideally situated family-friendly ground floor apartment within touching distance of water, blue skies and infinite sunshine.
(Rental License Number: 59996/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment A03

Super spacious ground floor apartment, within a single breath taking in the Sea, the Old Town and the evening Sunset.
(Rental License Number: 93193/AL)

Apartment A04

Stunningly decorated ground-floor apartment with sea views. Perfect for families and couples.
(Rental License Number: 3934/AL)


Apartment A12

Luxurious, resting sunset-side on the second level, ideal for mornings, afternoons and evenings enjoyed alfresco.
(Rental License Number: 21836/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment A13

Positioned on the left-hand side of the iconic block, with the sea out in front and the wondrous Old Town on the left.
(Rental License Number: 39517/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment A15

Unbeatable corner apartment on the left-hand side of the building looking out onto the gentle sea and the Old Town.
(Rental License Number: 12551/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment A26

Positioned enviably on the corner of the building at the closest point to the sea, brilliantly bathed in sunlight all day long.
(Rental License Number: 107754/AL)


Apartment A34

On the top floor, with unimpeded views of the sea and the old town of Albufeira. A new addition for 2024.
(Rental License Number: 124744/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment B02

On the ground floor, in full pool and seaside glory, close to the action without compromising on comfort, privacy or peace.
(Rental License Number: 88913/AL)


Apartment B21

In prime position in the middle of the block, third level, basking in views of the Sea and Albufeira's quaint Old Town.
(Rental License Number: 137801/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment B22

Beautifully decorated, on the third level in the middle of the block, with the Ocean visible from every room.
(Rental License Number: 39760/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment B24

Sunrise apartment on the third level at the front, away from the bustle, furnished deliciously for true comfort and rest.
(Rental License Number: 29111/AL)


Apartment B25

Plush third-level apartment at the front, overlooking the deep green avenue and the animated New Town.
(Rental License Number: 41065/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment B31

In absolute prime position on the fourth level with utterly unspoiled views to the Sea and the magical Old Town.
(Rental License Number: 12434/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment C14

Inside corner apartment with unfettered sea and pool views, ideal for families and/or friends.
(Rental License Number: 59996/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment C31

Top level corner apartment on the sunrise-side of the complex, looking out over the eastern seaside of the Algarve.
(Rental License Number: 28916/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment C34

Privileged with position on the fourth level and teeming with uninterrupted views of the immersive blue of the Atlantic.
(Rental License Number: 35788/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment D02

Poolside excitement without spoiling your privacy in the daytime or peace in the evening; great for families and couples.
(Rental License Number: 11083/AL)

Apartment D11

Rousing and luminous apartment on the second level in the right-hand side block, with the wide Atlantic in plain sight.
(Rental License Number: 48774/AL)

beachfront apartments in albufeira

Apartment D13

Blessed in position, sitting on the second level in the right-hand block, in full contact with the Ocean breeze.
(Rental License Number: 22469/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment D15

Spacious corner apartment in the right-hand block, second level, rich in soul and scenery, ideal for relaxation and rest.
(Rental License Number: 40074/AL)

Apartment D21

 Inner corner apartment in the right-hand block, third level, with great sea views and superior furnishings.
(Rental License Number: 129230/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment D22

Delightfully situated in the right-hand side block, third level, sitting atop the pool and the glistening sea water further on.
(Rental License Number: 107017/AL)


Apartment D23

Poised wonderfully on the right-hand side of the block, third level, making direct contact with the blue Atlantic beyond.
(Rental License Number: 104934/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment D26

Privately tucked away on the outer arm of the right-hand side of the block, with stunning views of the sea and old town.
(Rental License Number: 16172/AL)

quinta da barracuda

Apartment D31

Bright and glorious fourth level apartment on the right-hand side, copious in sunshine, restorative sea air and views.
(Rental License Number: 39517/AL)

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